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About CampusXR

CampusXR is an engagement platform that helps improve new student recruitment and alumni outreach by leveraging the latest technology.

Prospective students have come of age during an innovation boom and are looking for institutions that can meet them on their level. With virtual reality, personalized video, and more, colleges can now offer prospective students modern ways to engage through CampusXR.

In the customer service space, ‘friction’ has become a critical concept. Businesses that successfully remove friction from the customer experience stand to win big. Whether engaging prospective students or reaching out to alumni, CampusXR takes friction away with easy-to-use options like lead capture kiosks and text messaging.

Start using the latest technology with CampusXR to more effectively engage with prospects and alumni. Read on below for more on the platform’s capabilities.

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Virtual Reality Tours

Bring Your Campus To Life

Give prospective students and alumni every opportunity to see what your campus has to offer, with virtual reality. According to US News & World Report “Making a college visit and touring the campus can be pivotal in a student’s decision [to attend].” Showing off new facilities on campus is a great way to drive enthusiasm among alumni donors. VR tours are a cost effective way to add sizzle to recruitment or alumni outreach. With branded Google cardboard VR viewers, you can transport prospective students or alumni directly to campus from anywhere in the world.

Personalized Video

Capture Attention & Make Your College Stand Out

Adding 1-to-1 personalization to your videos dramatically boosts reach and performance. Personalized video produces a 412% increase in click through rates when compared with traditional video. The number of people who watch your entire video from start to finish also increases from 38% to 72%. Cut through the clutter with videos that speak directly to each individual.

College Lead Capture Kiosk

Lead Capture Kiosks

Get The Information You Need To Follow Up

Solve lead capture and follow-up challenges with technology. Attending a recruitment event? Use an iPad to easily capture contact information directly into your CRM. Have an alumni center on your campus? Install a kiosk and capture current visitor information instantly. Go beyond just collecting email addresses. Instead, instantly enroll all new contacts into a nurturing email campaign or your campus-wide newsletter.

Campus Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Deliver Information And Capture Leads Through SMS

Text messaging is an impactful way to connect with prospective students. By allowing potential students to text in, you can collect contact information and provide campus brochures and links to online applications automatically. Use text-to-screen displays at on-campus concerts and events to engage with your current student body in a more effective way.