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ONEFIRE helps specialty insurance organizations turn marketing from a cost center into a revenue center. ONEFIRE's EVP & Chief Brand Strategist, Jim Flynn, is attending TMPAA this year to connect with insurance professionals looking to grow their customer base and in turn, their revenue. Jim will explain our ROI-driven process and show you how your organization can differentiate its Brand, get found online, and convert new leads into new business.

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ONEFIRE is a national insurance marketing and consulting group, specializing in providing comprehensive marketing solutions to insurance agents, brokers, niche carriers, program administrators, MGAs, TPAs, and wholesale distributors.

Recognizing the unique challenges of the insurance industry, ONEFIRE deploys a wide array of tech-forward marketing tactics backed by sound strategy to help insurance organizations reach their goals. ONEFIRE’s proven process and flexible pricing model ensure that its partners can see clearly how actions connect to results.

A trusted resource for insurance organizations nationwide, ONEFIRE has a strong track record of helping its partners find the right clients.

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We Work With You

We work with Agents, Brokers, niche carriers, program administrators, MGAs, TPAs and those in wholesale distribution. Our approach to insurance marketing is a combination of brand differentiation, business development, lead generation and conversion, customer retention, Agent/Agency relations, and customer understanding through a wide range of strategic and tactical initiatives.

We Know Insurance

We understand the mindset of Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers and the complexities that exist within their industry. We work closely with commercially-focused Agents/Brokers from the Carrier, Agent/Broker, and wholesale side of the equation. We help clients develop a strategy that will differentiate their brand, attract more visitors to their website, and bring the right leads into their funnel.

We Are Marketing Experts

The ONEFIRE team is certified in the best practices and latest techniques required to grow your business. We utilize modern, Inbound Marketing techniques that include market segmentation, persona development, content creation, and marketing automation to generate leads, shorten sales cycles, convert website visitors to leads, leads into customers, and ultimately, customers into loyal supporters.

Insurance SEO Myths To Avoid

Insurance SEO Myths To Avoid

SEO is one of the first terms tossed around when an insurance company decides it needs to get serious about its digital strategy. Download our free guide to identify SEO myths you should avoid.

Our Proven Process

ONEFIRE Proven Process Diagram
During the Introduction phase, we learn more about your insurance business and specific challenges you face. Our aim is to be helpful and provide tactical takeaways that you can implement right away. We’ll also determine together if our companies would be a good fit to work together on achieving your specific goals and provide you with a proposal of what that relationship may look like.
Good marketing programs begin with strategy. During the Strategy phase of our process, we will do a deep dive with your leadership team, uncovering information about your ideal buyers and the path they take to choose your company. We will discuss specific topics that resonate with your buyers and collectively develop content ideas that support those topics.
Based on your strategy, there are certain items that may need to be in place before we start executing. These might include a fresh website, marketing automation software, or even foundational content like brochures and landing pages. We review your existing foundation and work together to fix, improve or enhance that foundation to support your overall marketing strategy.
Our campaign cycle contains planning, execution, and performance review of each of the marketing actions we’re taking to drive results. This part of our process is ongoing and repeats as each campaign is executed.

Words About Our Team

Recognizing inbound marketing as an essential component of both lead generation and customer retention, we partnered with Jim & Karen to create and implement a comprehensive conversion-focused content strategy leveraging marketing automation to nurture three key audiences. Their insurance industry insight and knowledge shortened the learning curve and together we completed eighteen content assets and the accompanying promotional content allowing us to activate three workflows in record time.

Amber AnthonyUS Assure

The end goal of the Brand Development initiative for Pekin Insurance was to harness the attributes the company had represented for nearly 90 years – to become the mantra by which the employees would live. Goal achieved. The response to the rebranding has been 99.9% positive, and the buzz with the employees made it worth it all. We have hit it out of the park!

Scott MartinPekin Insurance

... our team was most impressed by Jim & Karen's insightful experience in the insurance space. It was our desire not to expend a great deal of time educating a consultant on the nuances of the broker/agent mindset and the primary drivers for policyholder decision-making. They conducted leadership-focused discovery sessions with our CEO and key leaders. They then delivered an ROI-focused strategy driven by the company’s unique value propositions.

Valerie FosterBerkley Alliance Managers

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