Since 2012, this growing group of hard-working individuals has come together to form Team ONEFIRE. Our collective experience represents many disciplines, from professors, to engineers, artists to developers. Each player brings their A-Game to ship our best work. When our business partners win, we win.

Nathan Clark

Unity Developer

Chad Copeland

Web Content Specialist

Mike Crall

Director of Onsite Consulting

William Crotz

Web Content Specialist

Kelsey Doglio

Web Content Specialist

Shaun Greiner

Developer & 3D Artist

Mark Hemmer

Director of Marketing

Rachel Hensold

Web Content Specialist

Gayla Myers

Accounts Coordinator

Jason Parkinson

President & CEO

Kelsey Seeber

Instructional Designer & Trainer

Jasmine Seitz

Web Developer

Harsh Shah

Director of Innovation

Lawrence Smick

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Kristie Sparling

Business Manager & CFO

Angie Stiles Richardson

Web Content Specialistr