We are partners.

We serve a variety of organizations, corporate and non-profit, large and small, and everything between. Our portfolio is proof, with projects in AR, touchscreens, calculator tools, or web and mobile.

The business goals for our partners drive our work. We listen to identify the challenge, design and build engaging products that make our partners successful. That’s our (not-so-secret-anymore) secret sauce.

Augmented Reality

Our clients with organizations responsible for training or marketing see tremendous opportunity for augmented reality (AR). ONEFIRE architects and builds complete solutions combined with the latest from our hardware partners. These collaborative R&D projects produce a working proof of concept for our client to test with users. The experience informs our direction for where AR makes the most business sense to scale.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience, placing the participant in a product or environment that may otherwise be impossible. ONEFIRE has teamed with marketing professionals in the manufacturing and higher education industries to create virtual showroom and tour applications. We work with the latest hardware to produce the most engaging experience for potential customers.

Web & Mobile

Web and mobile have become the de facto sources for how businesses and consumers interact with information. That so, web and mobile applications are the digital voice of your brand. ONEFIRE designs applications to meet the business goals of our clients with attention to the design and feel users have come to expect. We are digital architects, building to suit based on existing systems but with the future of personal computing in mind.

Calculation Tools

Calculation tools combine the power of spreadsheets with design to present customers with key information in the purchasing decision making process. ONEFIRE combines responsive design with your brand guidelines to produce an experience the decision maker wants to use. Potential customers interact with easy-to-understand forms to build their own scenario with results leading to product selection.


The smartphone and tablet revolution has led to the idea that screens are meant for interactivity. ONEFIRE works with marketing teams to understand their trade show and showroom goals. We design, build and install custom solutions that incorporate your brand with the latest touch hardware for an engaging experience. For potential customers, your products and information are literally at their fingertips.

Recent Projects

Caterpillar AR Service

Caterpillar needed to improve maintenance procedures and decrease the learning curve for new technicians, as well as explore ways to improve documentation.

ONEFIRE built an augmented reality Proof of Concept, developed for technicians, to improve machine service inspections during repairs. The solution guides technicians through an inspection process and maintenance procedure using step-by-step instructions, assisted animations, and 3D overlays. The solution works using Augmented Reality Headsets and Android devices. This project was unveiled at Caterpillar’s Research Innovation Showcase and Chicago Ideas Week in 2015.

Caterpillar AR Dash

Caterpillar wanted to explore and demonstrate the benefits of a uniform cab for all its machines. They needed a way for operators to access secondary machine controls (like windshield wipers) easily.
ONEFIRE developed an augmented reality Proof of Concept for the Microsoft HoloLens. Using simple interactions, operators can use secondary machine controls, radio, and auxiliary controls. Operators get alerts for low fuel and diagnostic reports on service needs. In a breakthrough for safety, operators also have a rear-view camera in their field of vision. Operators simply look to the right to see behind the machine.

Virtual Halo

Client wanted a mobile & Apple Watch solution to improve the personal safety of travelers, adventurers, and families.
ONEFIRE developed Virtual Halo, an app for the Apple Watch and iPhoneVirtual Halo is a Personal Notification System that stays active in the background of the user’s device, but doesn’t allow active trackingIf a user finds him or herself in a compromising situation (from a bad date to an attempted kidnapping), engaging the SOS feature sends notifications to an emergency contact list with the closest street address to the user’s location and a link with their specific coordinates.

Caterpillar Global Mining: Loading Tools Selection Guide

A unique challenge of Caterpillar Mining is properly explaining the value of their high-end products to potential customers. Wanting to get beyond the traditional paper brochures, Cat approached ONEFIRE to tackle the explanation of a specific product line’s features.

ONEFIRE Solution:
The big thing we noticed in their current brochures was the complex nature of how you choose the right machine for your specific application. It involved a printed grid that you had to run your finger along one side to choose your application and then another finger along the top to get answers of what machine is a good fit in certain scenarios.  We decided to change all that with an interactive selection guide that does the calculation on the fly and produces results instantly.

End Result:
Upon completion of this specific tool, it was launched to cat.com and published out to their world wide dealer network. Because of the success of this specific tool, Caterpillar contracted with ONEFIRE to produce 12 additional tools for all types of products and applications across their enterprise.

Rheem: The Largest Mobile Touchscreen In North America

 was looking to take their marketing efforts on the road through a cross country tour.  Partnering with Spevco & Indigo Studios, the water heater manufacturer created a stunning mobile exhibit that showcased their products to potential customers. The technology that powers the touchscreen in that exhibit is where ONEFIRE came in.

ONEFIRE Solution:
We were able to create a large scale product explorer that took up an entire wall of the exhibit. Eight 55″ TVs were hung in an array and an IR sensor was placed around the edge to detect users interacting with the screens individually and allowing the entire array to act as one joint display when users were not interacting. From the hardware recommendations to the initial software build, ONEFIRE delivered a world class experience that allowed Rheem to engage with more potential customers than ever before.

End Result:
This experience is currently on a cross country tour and could be stopping at a Home Depot near you sometime soon. After the initial build of the experience was complete, ONEFIRE transitioned the maintenance and support work internally to an on-site team at Rheem for better efficiency.