Join Our Growing Team.

We need smart minds, ambition and passion to help us grow. If you’re ready to find a career you love, we want you to join our team at ONEFIRE.

Current Opportunities

Team ONEFIRE - Inc 5000 Award

Freelance Graphic Designer
If you’ve got design or page layout chops, we’re looking for your freelance talent to assist our growing content creation team.

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Employee Perks

Engaging Work

ONEFIRE helps other companies grow better and helps solve business challenges. We always embrace new ways of doing things.

Competitive Pay

Over 70% of our annual revenue goes back to support our team. Our employees are rewarded with frequent “stake-in-the-outcome” bonuses in addition to their salary.

Flexible Schedule

We know our team is more productive on their own schedule. As long as you meet your deadlines and are available for business hours communication, we’re flexible on when and where you work.

Casual Environment

While we occasionally need to dress appropriately for client meetings or events, our office culture is laid back and fun. Come as you are.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

All of our full time team members start their employment with a full 3 weeks of PTO time to use however you wish. We’re happy when you’re happy.

Health Club Membership

Staying fit and healthy is part of the overall wellness of any organization. ONEFIRE provides a RiverPlex membership to our full-time staff to keep their mind and body in top shape.

Healthcare Bonus

The cost of healthcare in America is continuing to rise. We support our employees by offering a bonus every month to help offset the cost of out-of-pocket expenses.

Dental & Vision Insurance

White Smiles and bright eyes. We know how important healthcare is to our employees so we contribute to their wellbeing with select insurance offerings.

Retirement Savings

We offer a matching Simple IRA contribution program to our employees who wish to participate. We’re setting you up for financial success in the future.

Group Activities

We consider you part of our family and organize group activities all the time. Happy hours, potlucks, league sports and more are a staple of our organization.

Free Snacks & Beverages

We provide snacks, soda, coffee, juice, yogurt, fruit and more for all of our in-house employees. You can always stay fueled up while working hard.

Professional Development

We like helping our staff learn new things and are happy to pay for learning opportunities and materials that help you contribute to ONEFIRE.