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We love talking about Inbound Marketing, Social Media and everything in-between and Busey Bank loves to help grow businesses in the community. Our free 2018 education series is designed to make you a better marketer and to help close the gap between your marketing and sales.

Director of Marketing Mark Hemmer, Inbound Account Manager Taylor Morgan, and CEO Jason Parkinson will be presenting on topics that are designed to help you grow better. It’s always fun to learn about something new and learning more about digital marketing could be what transforms your business.

Aligning Vectors

Aligning Vectors – Closing The Gap Between Sales & Marketing

Thursday, March 8, 2018 | 11A – 12N | Dozer Park

Your marketing department generates awareness for your company and products, while your sales department closes deals and generates revenue. When you align the two internal organizations in your own business, you’ll see a major return on investment to your bottom line. At this free event, you’ll learn:

  • Practical ways marketing and sales teams can work closer together
  • How you can improve your customer experience from the very first touchpoint
  • Ideas to help build a documented sales process for your company
  • Specific sales & marketing tools that can drive more business into your company
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From Likes To Leads

From Likes To Leads – Use Social Media The Right Way

Thursday, May 31, 2018 | 11A – 12N | Dozer Park

Most companies already have a Facebook Page, Twitter account and LinkedIn, but are you using these valuable channels in the most effective way possible to generate leads for your business? Having a presence on social media is one thing, but making sure your hard work and effort isn’t wasted can be a challenge of its own. Jason Parkinson, President & CEO, and Mark Hemmer, Director of Marketing, will teach you ways to leverage your social media channels so they start generating business for your company. Jason & Mark will cover:

  • The best practices around paying for placement on Facebook
  • Generating the right content in the right channels that drives results
  • Converting your social media audience into your own lead database
  • Engaging with your audience to delight them
  • Using Contesting & Targeting to reach more customers
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The New SEO

Keywords Are Dead – The New SEO

Thursday, August 2, 2018 | 11A – 12N | Dozer Park

Optimizing your website with keywords used to be an acceptable practice for improving your overall search engine ranking. With Google updating their algorithms to use their “RankBrain” A.I. system, it’s more important than ever to ensure your website will continue to rank at the top of the search results in the years to come. You’ll learn:

  • Why the shift in Google ranking may affect your local business
  • The “Topic Cluster” model for optimizing your website
  • How to create Pillar Pages of content that search engines will see
  • The tools needed to tie everything together across your website
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Mastering Inbound Marketing

Mastering Inbound Marketing

Thursday, November 8, 2018 | 11A – 12N | Dozer Park

Content Marketing is a buzzword that is said nearly every day in companies around the world, but what does it mean to really be successful with this new way to market your business? Jason Parkinson, President & CEO, and Mark Hemmer, Director of Marketing, will help you learn all about growing your business by doing content marketing the right way… with the inbound methodology. Jason & Mark will cover the best practices around:

  • Reusing the content you create across multiple delivery channels
  • Attracting more visitors to your website
  • Easily converting your website visitors into qualified leads
  • Nurturing your leads into becoming paying customers
  • Delighting your customers so they become promoters of your brand
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