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Welcome to the ONEFIRE Studio

Mark Hemmer

About The IMCA peer2peer Podcast

Be Our Guest... What To Expect


Join The Virtual Studio

If you're familiar with Zoom or WebEx meetings, you'll feel right at home in our studio. At your scheduled time, you can click the private recording studio link in your meeting invite and we'll take care of the rest.

Test Your Camera & Microphone

One of our producers will walk you through testing the camera and microphone on your computer to ensure that we have a good recording. It's best to wear headphones for the best possible quality.

Record Your Interview

You'll get the questions in advance so you have a good understanding of what will be discussed during your episode. Our host will lead you through the interview and make the entire process fun and engaging.

Tips For A Successful Recording Session

Go Natural

Many podcast guests think they don’t have the right “voice.” The only ‘right voice’ is your natural voice! Forget trying to emulate radio pros. Be yourself for best results.

Test Your Microphone

Make sure your audio is clear and you’ve selected the correct microphone on your computer.

Quiet On The Set

Try to minimize background noise by recording in a quiet place, free from other people, pets, traffic, etc.

Wear Headphones

Even if you’ve moved to a quiet location, it’s always smart to invest in and wear a good pair of headphones to optimize your audio.

Review The Questions

When you’re being interviewed, familiarize yourself with the questions ahead of time. That way, when you’re asked live, you’re more likely to have an answer at the ready.

Mistakes Happen

Don’t let mistakes trip you up. Podcasts are conversational and it’s okay to misspeak or stumble with your words. Just pick right back up where you left off and keep the conversation flowing.

Get In The Zone

Set yourself up for success with your beverage of choice, the right audio equipment, and a relaxed environment.

Ask and Ask Again

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re unsure about anything involving the podcast, simply reach out for an answer. We’re happy to help.

Insurance Experts…
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If you have questions about the IMCA peer2peer podcast or how ONEFIRE helps the Insurance industry grow their revenue, please reach out.

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